a Swiss Cybersecurity company

Founded in 2020

RedCarbon is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in Europe.

Why RedCarbon?

RedCarbon platform is a more comprehensive and new approach to cybersecurity. Its new features drastically enhance SOC effectiveness and capability. 

RedCarbon’s cybersecurity platform gives a considerable advantage. Our AI methodology reduces most security manager troubles and overall costs.


RedCarbon vision is doing Analysis, automating Triage, and mimicking Human beings, using AI, NLR, and Expert systems, granting the best support for faster Incident management.

We provide a cybersecurity platform analysis and automation in conjunction across all industries, including enterprise, financial services, manufacturing, strategic assets, energy, legal, and more.

RedCarbon leverages best-of-breed technology coupled with AI and human-based intelligence to detect and respond to advanced persistent threats in real time.

Green Coding

The Company Development team’s attitude is to write Green Code to diminish the relative energy consumption demanded by a particular algorithm. That’s a way of writing code that looks at the energy output and attempts to reduce the demand it puts on physical servers and systems.