Contextual Rules, Priority and Risk Score value

The future of Cyber Security Risk Assessment

The RedCarbon platform’s capability of calculating an effective risk score is mandatory for organising incident flow management and caring for most essential issues at the right time.
ReCarbon Console: Company Risk Overview
RedCarbon Console: Contextual Rules

Risk Score has different values

One of the most critical issues in managing a Company’s Cyber Security is understanding where the operators have to focus their valuable resources and efforts; that came from calculating the Contextual Risk Score in almost real-time.

A completely new addiction is the Business Risk Score. This value opens the way to communicate with different no-IT employees a precise cyber security awareness of their company.

It could be strategically for C-Level to be aware of what is ongoing from the cybersecurity point of view or used by HR to transfer care and attention to what people are doing daily. 

RedCarbon platform can calculate a Risk Score for each unique end user or customer. 

Our easy-to-use asset panel is configured since the startup phase and adaptable during the security operations lifecycle. That permits the size and investigation of issues in order of fundamental importance, reflecting architectural and applicative assets of every different end user or company system.  

Different RedCarbon algorithm using the platform dataset produces two risk scores: Contextual Company Risk Score and Company Business Risk Score

 The Virtual Analyst calculates the Contextual Risk Score and uses it to describe the risk associated with every Incident and Case. The value may increase or decrease accordantly various factors and permit an effective ranking operator will use to decide what to care about first.

The Business Risk Score is calculated by the Business algorithm once a day. It is assigned using both  Physical Assets Risk Score and Users Risk Score to describe the status and trend of cybersecurity concisely.