AI has to run SOCs, with Humans

Redcarbon offers AI cybersecurity instances that excel in cyber threat analysis, automating triage, and emulating human cybersecurity professionals, seamlessly integrating its capabilities with the job roles of human experts

Redcarbon’s advanced AI system is specifically tailored to represent human professionals in the cybersecurity field, augmenting and enhancing their expertise to combat evolving threats with unmatched precision and efficiency. Whether you are a cybersecurity expert seeking improved capabilities or an organization looking to fortify your digital defenses, Redcarbon AI is here to safeguard your digital assets and empower your cybersecurity efforts like never before.

RedCarbon AI instances,

featuring revolutionary and unparalleled capabilities, include:

A distinctive approach to Cybersecurity Incident Handling

RedCarbon Innovate with AI

Virtual Analyst run SOC with AI, info enrichments and more

RedCarbon VA is using Human Mimic, Analyst Mind Mapping
& Integrated Reasoning.

Reports are developed by mimicking human security experts’ reasoning processes during an anomaly’s analysis process.

We enrich the information using
a method named Analyst Mind Mapping and AI Collaboration;
this allows us to free analysts
from repetitive actions.

It enhances the collaboration between man and artificial intelligence using
the best of both worlds
and significantly improves the speed
of decisions, making them
more effective.

Company Risk Score

A company Risk score is computed daily at 7 AM and gives C-Level
an understanding of what is going on from the cyber security point of view.

It is a decision support tool.
The ongoing incident severity scores came from the computation
of Host and User Risk Scores.




AI Managed

Next Gen Security Management and Incident Handling

The RedCarbon Dashboard

The interface is designed to be practical; the vision make everything happens with minimal effort in a more balanced way of dealing with automation and processes. 

The will is to enclose in a single screen functional navigation and content.

An expandable vertical bar and a series of labels at the top allow you to efficiently find all the information that the operator needs.

The cases are in the foreground, but through the various “Tiles”, you can access all the info, reports and incident management. 

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